Oct 08

HDL vs. LDL: What You Need to Know About Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance your body uses to produce hormones, vitamin D and digestive juices to break down fats in your diet.

Your body needs some cholesterol to function. However, when the levels get too high, build up occurs in the artery and obstructs blood flow. This can lead to coronary artery disease, heart attacks, strokes or other vascular diseases.

In today’s blog, we’ll compare HDL vs. LDL cholesterol and teach you practical ways to improve your levels and reduce your risk of a coronary event.

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Sep 21

7 Common Causes of High Blood Pressure

Why make your heart work harder?

Blood pressure is the measurement of the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels. 

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is dangerous because it makes your heart work harder than it should to pump blood through your body. It can lead to the hardening of arteries and increase the risk of stroke. It can also cause kidney disease and contribute to heart failure.

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Jun 14

Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colon cancer is relatively common with more than 200,000 documented cases per year. The Colorectal Cancer Alliance reports that it is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in both men and women.

Most cases of colon cancer begin as adenomatous polyps, which are noncancerous (benign) clumps. These polyps are typically small and cause few if any symptoms, which in a screening is recommended to look for and remove if they’re found.

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Feb 24

Destress Tips

Destress Tips Tulsa Body Scan

Stress can cause major problems in your health, affecting your sleep, mood, appetite, depression, anxiety, and even lead to heart attack or stroke.

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Nov 17

Know the Signs of a Stroke

As we head into the holiday season, life can get rather hectic and stressful. Due to this stress, it is the highest time of year for people to suffer from heart attacks and strokes. While the majority of people are aware of the symptoms of a heart attack (chest discomfort, shortness of breath…), many do not know the signs of a stroke or why it occurs.

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Nov 03
Oct 07

Regular Screening Could Save Your Life

You received your first heart, lung, and/or body scan at Advanced Body Scan and it came back with no major complications. That’s great news! However, if you think you are set for life, that may not be the case.

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Aug 11

A $50 Heart Scan could save your life

Receive the Gold Standard in early detection of heart disease

The $50 Heart Scan is also known as a Calcium Score Test because this test primarily identifies built up arterial calcium, also called blockage of the arteries. This calcium build up and blockage is what creates this SILENT KILLER.

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Jul 06

Heart Disease in Oklahoma

 Heart disease affects thousands of Oklahoma residents. In fact, this disease is the number one cause of death in the state, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Heart disease is sometimes referred to as a “silent killer” because it’s often not detected until too late. Fortunately, preventing some types of heart disease is possible.

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Jun 22
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