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Staying Heart-Healthy at Home Part One: Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

In the current climate, gyms are closed and we are all doing our best to maintain a healthy routine while staying at home. These are strange times, but they don’t have to be bad news for your heart. 

There are plenty of ways to stay active during a period of social distancing. While it may be tempting to relax on the couch, committing to just thirty minutes of physical activity a day can have a big impact on your heart health. Tomorrow in part two of this segment, we will provide some tips for heart-healthy home cooking. By combining these two elements, you will be well prepared to weather the storm. 



Heart-Healthy Low Impact Workouts 


Low-impact workouts are designed to reduce strain on your muscles and joints during your daily activity. There are a variety of low-impact workouts that you can mix and match to keep your heart in great shape. Here are a few low-impact exercises that you can do without any equipment: 


Bicycle kicks 


While getting on a bicycle may not be suitable for everyone, this modification is a classic cardio workout that you can do on a carpet or mat at home. Simply lie on your back, lift your knees to a position that is comfortable for you, and alternate extending each leg. Note: If this position causes strain on your hips or back, consider one of the other options below.   


Lateral shuffle 


This activity is simple, yet effective. Extend your left leg leftwards, plant your left foot firmly on the ground, then bring your right leg parallel to your left. Next, repeat this motion in the opposite direction. You’ve just done a lateral shuffle! Feel free to listen to some music and repeat as many times as you feel comfortable. If you are looking to increase the activity level for this workout, you can increase speed or choose to hold light items while you shuffle.  




Another classic, you will alternate extending your legs forward and lowering your pelvis so that your forward knee makes a right angle (or as close to a right angle as is comfortable for you). Many people find it most comfortable to place their hands at their waist during this exercise. As with the lateral shuffle, you can increase speed or hold light items to increase the activity level.

Now as much as ever, it is important for us to maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle in our homes. Incorporating just thirty minutes a day of heart-healthy, low-impact workouts can have a big impact on our overall health. Download your free guide to heart-healthy lifestyle changes that you can make for the better.


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